SDCCYA, an affiliate of SDCC, is a non-profit organization that provides Cricket training to boys and girls in San Diego and prepares them for competitive matches and tournaments across the country.

The Club is administered by an Executive Committee that is elected annually:

  • President:   Vinod Menon
  • General Secretary:   Vineet Shrivastava
  • Treasurer:   Anita Wentworth
  • Facilities and Development Coordinator:   Vijay Kauvangal
  • Membership & Compliance Secretary:   Mukund Suresh

SDCCYA’s activities are directed and guided by the club’s constitution

SDCC maintains oversight of the club. SDCC’s VP for Youth Development and Outreach provides a liaison role, and SDCCYA President is a member of the SDCC Executive Committee.

Last but not least, the Club has always been fueled by the enthusiastic volunteering of dads and moms.