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Our team competed in the U10 and U12 division of the tournament. Congrats to the U10 team for receiving the runners-up award!

U10 Tournament info.

Game 1 vs CCA Masters – We scored 102/7 in 25 overs, and defended the total, restricting CCA to 97/6. Aadi D. was player of the match for figures of 5-0-9-1.

Game 2 vs CCA Kings – We scored 148/3 in 25 overs. Deven S. scored 40 off of 60, and Vivaan B. scored 36 off of 70, sharing a 136 run partnership. We restricted them to 113/6 in 25 overs. Aadi D. took figures of 4-1-7-2. Deven S. was player of the match.

Game 3 vs NACA Hawks – We bowled first and restricted them to 109/5 in 25 overs. Akshaj D. took 4-0-14-2. We chased it down in 23.4 overs losing 5 wickets. Akshaj D. was player of the match.

Finals vs CCA Masters – We batted first and got 89/10 in 24 overs. We were not able to restrict CCA, losing by 8 wickets. Ani M. took figures of 4-0-14-2.

U12 Tournament Info.

Game 1 vs CCA Comets – CCA scored 197/5, and we fell well short at 54/10.

Game 2 vs CCA Pros – We bowled first and restricted CCA to 97 all out in 32.1 overs. We also got all out on 97, resulting in a tie.

Game 3 vs SRCA – We batted first, scoring 99/9 in 35 overs. Ayaan B. scored 32 off of 58. SRCA chased it down in 33 overs, losing 4 wickets.

Placement vs MLCA Atlanta Bears – We restricted them to 106/8 in 30 overs. Aarush T. took figures of 6-0-22-2. We chased it down losing 7 wickets in 24.2 overs.